Iceberg Slim

A person who is a wannabe rapper and has spent all his career being an upcoming artist


Oboy, you wan become Iceberg Slim? Sing better music nah

By Nickcolors December 17, 2017


A foolish person, or behaves stupidly.


Look at this Okpetu.
See this Okpetu boy.

By Iam Vick December 9, 2017


Large fast buzzing things of death, usually sounding like thousands of angry bees speeding through a PVC pipe.


I got attacked by a wild kwad.

By Phil Davidson December 8, 2017


Scam, or the work of a con artist.


I no trust that guy, na wayo man.

By Alexx Azike Nonso December 8, 2017


Either of two people(or, less commonly, animals)who shared the same uterus at the same time. One who was born at the same birth as a sibling.


Na two pikin Mary born at the same time, she don become Mama Ejima

By Kennie John December 8, 2017


Means capacity or ego


Oboy see levels o my guy don make am em levels don shift.

By Uche-God Onyemauche Oceano December 4, 2017


Is a criminal organization incorporated by the Nigerian Police Force to fight armed criminals but instead kills and robs innocent Nigerians they are meant to protect.


Oboy those criminal SARS dey road oo.

By Jane Doe December 3, 2017

Look and pass

To totally ignore a person or situation because you don't want to be drawn into that situation or because you are feeling less concerned


I see Ejiro dey fight for street but I just look and pass

By Martini December 1, 2017


A guy who's dating two different females at a time with the same names.


Guy1: You sabi Emeka abi?
guy 2: which Emeka?
Guy 1: dat yomi wey dey follow nkechi for main gate & dat other nkechi for street.

By John Doe December 1, 2017